Virginia Tour

2014 Fall Tour

Invitations and registration were distributed to the VACRAO membership via e-mail on Thursday, July 17th. If the designated representative from your institution did not receive tour information, it is possible that your college or university has not yet submitted annual VACRAO dues. To confirm that your institution has submitted annual dues, please contact VP for Membership and Communication, Sarah Boswell, at


Online-registration for the fall tour will close on Friday, August 29th. As a reminder, VACRAO does not process payments for college fair events. Event specific information regarding payment, including to whom checks should be addressed and sent, are listed in both the online registration agenda and the Gazette.


Ashley Browning, VP for Admissions and Enrollment

Virginia Tour

Since the early 1970s, VACRAO has administered the Virginia Tour, a state-wide series of college fairs. We are committed to providing an opportunity for students to meet with college representatives in every region of the state.

While the individual fairs are organized by local school districts, VACRAO assists in scheduling, publicity, set-up, and the dissemination of program details to its membership. The School and College Relations Committee works closely with high school counselors and community colleges to coordinate mutually-convenient programs. The schedule of college day and night programs includes some 75 individual fairs a year, and blanket the state of Virginia over eight weeks from September to November. The result provides every student within the state the opportunity to attend a fair in his or her region, and every VACRAO member the ability to effectively recruit in Virginia. Participation in the Virginia Tour is one of the primary benefits of VACRAO membership.